Energy Saving Tips


  1. HVAC thermostat setting – 68 Winter, 78 Summer
  2. Water Heater set at 120 degrees
  3. Set refrigerator/freezer thermostats on medium settings
  4. Set refrigerator/freezer on power saver mode
  5. Air dry dishes – don’t use heated dry cycle mode on dishwasher
  6. Use small elements on stove top or use microwave
  7. Make sure range hood damper works properly and is clean
  8. Clean lint trap/filter on dryer before every use
  9. Dry clothes in consecutive loads
  10. Wash clothes in warm water and rinse in cold
  11. Close fireplace damper when not in use
  12. Utilize full loads with washer, dryer and dishwasher
  13. Remove dust from air registers, air returns and appliance coils
  14. Use air intake for fireplace
  15. Turn off lights when not in use
  16. Keep outside A/C or heat pumps units clear of shrubs, grass, leaves, etc.

LOW COST TIPS: $1.00 TO $10.00

  1. Replace existing light bulbs with lower wattage bulbs
  2. Use fluorescent light bulbs or long life bulbs
  3. Insulate water pipes to and from water heater
  4. Caulk around plumbing openings in walls beneath sinks
  5. Caulk wire holes in attic, around exterior of window and door frames
  6. Caulk around sole plate if possible
  7. Place gaskets/plugs in wall outlets
  8. Weather strip doors, windows, attic accesses, air handler closets
  9. Insulate Freon line at A/C or heat pump outside unit if exposed
  10. Change air filter once a month
  11. Install faucet and shower flow restrictors
  12. Seal air ducts and returns and insulate attic furrdowns

MEDIUM COST TIPS: $10.00 TO $100.00

  1. Use insulated drapes to block solar gain in summer and to retain heat in winter
  2. Add shade trees to block solar gain in summer
  3. Install water heater insulation blanket
  4. Install glass fireplace screen
  5. Improve attic ventilation in summer
  6. Consider installing “heat saver” in dryer vent
  7. Install timer on HVAC and water heater
  8. Have HVAC unit serviced once a year
  9. Use electric blankets, space heaters and fans and adjust thermostat

HIGH COST TIPS: $100.00 and up

  1. Add attic insulation and floor insulation if on pier and beam
  2. Add storm windows and doors
  3. Add wall insulation in older homes
  4. Consider heat pump as replacement for electric furnace
  5. Improve efficiency of HVAC system when replacing or purchasing equipment