Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig - “Don’t take a chance”

“Save yourself from possible personal injury or expense by calling before you dig!”

Just because you can’t see a power line doesn’t mean you don’t have one or more on or near your property or worksite. Most power lines in residential neighborhoods and urban areas are installed underground.

No one should ever be electrocuted by a power line. Always play it safe around electricity. If you plan to do any type of digging or excavating DIAL 811 and request a line locate. This service is free and will prevent damage to underground facilities and personal injury.

Texas Excavation Safety System can also be contacted online at

Please call 2 days before you dig. All the underground facilities at the locate request will be marked, painted, and/or flagged so you can clearly see the location of the existing facilities before you dig.

For more information, please feel free to contact your District Office (District Office Locations and Phone Numbers)